Let's go velo sportives

orraloon Posts: 12,773
Just come across these sportives promoted by Let's Go Velo under a Brewery Cycle Series banner.

Anyone have any knowledge of these? Experiences? Good / bad? Thinking of the organisational aspects. Haven't heard of these before, is this a new initiative?

Quite attracted by them being centred on micro / craft breweries e.g. Purity, Towcester Mill, Chiltern Valley etc.

Any info appreciated.


  • :) Hey
    I did the Chiltern valley one last year . They started last year it was well organised with 1 stop if doing the full route which is back at base as it’s a loop with slight difference on way back. I enjoyed it but did a big sportive day before and cycled to this so was knackered. Defently worth doing :D