Gravel / road 50/50 bike choice

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Hi folks,

Didn’t receive any opinions on this choice in road bike forum, didn’t realise there was a cyclocross forum lol!!! Copied and pasted below, any opinions much appreciated.

It really comes down to personal choice now, as I say I want it to be a 'little special' as it's a 50th gift, we (she is!) are happy to spend the £1500 budget, and I have narrowed it down to 3 choices, as follows (the Rose choice is 2 colour schemes as shown cant decide between the 2).

Would be great to have opinions on components, geometry (added at the bottom - test ridden canondale and I know that type of geometry would work for me), looks!! yes very important, and any opinions from owners. Whatever button I press I'm going to have a great bike, and feel very lucky to be able to make this choice for my second bike. proper looking forward to getting off road and riding our crappy roads without worrying too much lol.

1)Orbea, love this blue colourscheme ... a-h30-d-19

2)Rose (2 colours to choose from - decided against black even though it seems de rigeur these days!) ... Sand-Black

3) Kona, Last years model but carbon (any opinions on carbon for this type of use?) ... road-bike/