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Need computer mount for 3T Integra LTD stem...

berzinberzin Posts: 39
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The computer mount that I've seen for the 3T Integra stem is supposedly for Garmin, but I have the Wahoo Elemnt.

Would the mount be compatible with the Wahoo?

Without stem mount-

With stem mount, unfortunately sold separately-


  • You could only make it work if the Garmin insert can be rotated 90 degrees, as the mount tabs on the wahoo are front and back, as opposed to the sides on the Garmin. If you can't do that, your wahoo would sit side on which is far from ideal.
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  • berzinberzin Posts: 39
    Thanks. This is exactly what I need.
  • mr_mojomr_mojo Posts: 199
    I’ve got the 3T Integra stem and use with a Wahoo Bolt computer. Got the insert 3D printed from Shapeway. Works just fine, stem looks like it was designed to work with the Bolt. Look at the Orange Cipollini below and a link to the Shapeway site. ... &mode=view ... arketplace
  • berzinberzin Posts: 39
    Thanks for the info. I already placed an order for the stem bike mount, and the link you posted will be the last piece I will need to make it all work.

    Very nice bikes. What is the stiffness like for the 3T stem? It does look very solid.
  • mr_mojomr_mojo Posts: 199
    The Integra Stem is stiff, no noticeable flex. The same can’t be said for the Aeronova Ltd bars, very flexible. I have the 3T ARX Ltd stem on the RB1K, that’s stiff too but not as aero.
  • berzinberzin Posts: 39
    Ouch. I just purchased the Aeronova bars from Italy. I guess I have no choice but to try them out.

    Flex is not good in a handlebar.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Unless you're some kind of sprinter - flex in a handlebar is no problem at all.
  • mr_mojomr_mojo Posts: 199
    What Aeronova’s did you go for? I’ve got the Ltd on one bike and Team on another, the Team version are stiffer and only slightly heavier. As cougie mentioned only notice when sprinting or heaving on the bars going up hill. I am 85kg so that doesn’t help!
  • berzinberzin Posts: 39
    I got the Aeronova team edition in a 42cm, and I hardly ever sprint. Just waiting for it to get to me from Italy.
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