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headset and bottom bracket replacement

shiznit76shiznit76 Posts: 640
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Hi, is use this bike as my winter hack: ... mpact-2014

Scottish weather hasd took it's toll and could down with a new headset and bottom bracket. Questiosn are:
1) would any 1.1/8" headset bearing be able to replace the ones already in it?
2) Could i chage the fsa bb to a shimano hollowtech II and replace chainset to shimano one? The fsa ones seem to be pretty lightweight for these conditions and chainset starting to wear out too. Would change to campag to keep it all that make, but heard that the powetorque system is murder


  • pinnopinno Posts: 47,775
    If there is any compromise to the bearing races, changing the bearings themselves may not cure the problem.
    Head sets being relatively cheap, why not change the whole thing?

    I have had so little (if any) problems with Campag over board cups either power torque or ultra torque, The beauty is that the ball bearings are not in contact directly with the cups. Is your BB shell threaded?
    I don't quite know how but the seal does keep out moisture and I too live in Scotland.

    Power torque and ultra torque rely on a single internal bolt that meshes the left crank arm with the right hand crank (set) and needs to be torqued to 42nm to 52nm. I have always torqued mine to the lower setting of 42. ... _02_15.pdf

    It needs to be assembled with a wavey washer, without which, it does not work but they are readily available and cheap. The wavey washer fits between the left crank arm bearing and the cup. Old one's can become corroded and/or compressed, so fitting a new one is preferable, especially if you are going to fit new bearings: ... :rk:5:pf:0

    It also requires the assembly clip which can be fiddly with your first attempt. Again, do not assemble without the clip as it acts as a bearing pre tensioner: ... :rk:3:pf:0

    This needs to be removed after assembly.

    The set up is quite simple and elegant if a little fiddly if you have never done it. You also need a deep 10mm allen head to fit on the torque wrench. ... :rk:1:pf:0

    So the upside is that the power/ultra torque is a very reliable system but the downside is that you need a few tools to do a DIY job. I would safely say that the Campag bearings are excellent and hard wearing.
    If your bearings are shot, removing them from the crank arms/chainset is a PITA. I used an angle grinder but if you aren't confident, you need a puller or get your local LBS to remove and fit new one's. ... :rk:2:pf:0

    Given the myriad of bottom bracket options, stick with Campag. A threaded BB shell is a joy to have but the press fit is fine: ... gLKb_D_BwE

    If you notice, none of the above parts are particularly expensive.
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
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