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zigzogzigzog Posts: 14
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Hi there, 

I've not be on the bike for over a decade but about to get one for weekend fun and occasional commute. 

Thought this might be the best place to get some advice (as I'm completely new to all this), find likeminded people and gain some knowledge. 

I've done some research online and then visited few shops and turns out it's mostly bollox that's online, especially size guides. 

Shop visits helped me with frame and wheel sizes so at least one thing was out of way. Now all that shimano gibberish - researched the equipment, watched countless comparison vids, checked prices etc but was none the wiser. So came to a conclusion that most bikes around a £1k should be just right for me and only went with aesthetics. 

And that led me to Roscoe 8. I've read various opinions about it but I think it's good enough performancewise and well sexy aesthetically for what I need. And let's be honest here - I'm not a pro so can't see me complaining about a slightly wider tyre etc. 

Also considered Revox 9 (but it doesn't seem to be much info/dealers/support about) and MHT 8.9 - both beautiful bikes that may actually offer more than Roscoe. And as I've not decided 100% just yet i thought it'd be a good idea to come here and see what you guys think about them - any feedback appreciated. 

Anyway, won't bore you anymore, off to have a look at the forum. 




  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Sonder Transmitter and Vitus Sentier would be better bikes for £1000.

    So what was the the information you were given on wheel and frame sizes that seem to be incorrect online.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • zigzogzigzog Posts: 14
    Hi Robert, cheers for a warm welcome. I will happily research your suggestions.

    I foubd the info available online is barely a vague baseline. I tried 6 or 7 different websites and only one mentioned frame size that I actually feel comfortable with. Same goes for wheels. So I'd suggest everybody to go and try the bikes first.
  • zigzogzigzog Posts: 14
    Vitus Sentier sounds like a winner tbh, but cant find it anywhere for sale. Wouldnt mind stretching to VRS but cant stand the colour scheme.

    Can anyone find it for sale anywhere?

    Seems like the other one cant be bought either. Cheers Robert, mucho help
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