Fulcrum 5 wheel upgrade advice

hotcamel Posts: 5
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I currently have fulcrum racing 5s on a Giant TCR Advance Pro 2.
I’m wondering if upgrading to something like the campagnolo shamal ultras (they are in special in a local shop for a great price) is worthwhile.

I weigh 70kgs and do a lot of climbing.
I ride grand fondo type events just for fun, and train 3-4x times per week, often on an indoor trainer. I try to do one 100km+ outdoor ride per week. I have an FTP of 4w/kg.
I think I might start doing some racing this year, but haven’t done any before. I cycle mainly just because I love it, and try to beat my own PRs (and my brother!).

I would appreciate any advice about whether this sort of upgrade is noticeable.