Upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes

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I currently have TRP Spyre cable actuated disc brakes on my road bike and don't really like them compared to my RS405 hydro brakes on my Gravel bike. I want to upgrade them to hydros but what is the best and cheapest way to do this? I can pick up second hand RS505 calipers from ebay but then I need the shifters, hoses, connectors, 160mm adaptors (I have 160 rotors on the road bike) bleed kit etc and it appears that it could be a very expensive exercise. Has anyone else upgraded to hydros from cable discs and if so what components and method did you use. Thanks in advance


  • rafletcher
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    I have (on a Genesis Equilibrium), and that's pretty much what you need. I bought off ebay to reduce the cost, sometimes you'll see a single lever/calliper combo being sold off cheap by a bike shop.