Fixie riders - I accidentally order a 15 tooth cog

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Try it / bin it / return it?

Normally I'm on 48 x 17 = 73"
48 x 15 gives me 83"

It's a flip flop hub so I can fit both.

Is there any point keeping it? 73" seemed like hard work when I got it.

I'll just ponder this one for a bit then.


  • cougie
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    If 73 was hard work then I'd return this.
  • Fixed gear or freewheel? The word "fixie" seems to be used for either set up so just double checking.

    If you want less than 73 GI, then you'll need less teeth than 42 on your chianring if you want to use 15 teeth cog.

    Jumping up 10GI is quite alot, even for fixed gear. So, probably a return, if the return process is worth your effort to get your money back.

    I'm currently on 48 - 17 freewheel (74.61 GI on 25mm 700c tyre, according to and it suits my commute. Satisfying challenge on hills and nice on downhill to spin my legs (Strava records up to 35mph, that's 160rpm apparently!). I have 42, 52 chainrings and 16t freewheel and 48-17 seems to be the best for me for now.
  • Tyresome
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    Stick with the 83 GI for now. When Noddergeddon hits, swap to 73 inches and smash them, all of them.