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Bit of a niche question.

Where can I get axle nuts and wheel bearing cartridges for Halo Aerorage flip flop wheelset?

My bearings are fine but I thought I’d source a set in preparation. I have no idea if there are different classifications / types / sizes of bearings for bike wheels.

Also the axle nuts are showing pitted and surface rusts. One of the rear nuts are actually crushed a bit due to torqueing too much. So I want to have a spare set in preparation, too.

I know that the front axle is 9mm diameter and rear is 10mm, but both nuts require 15mm spanner. I’d also like to get stainless steel nuts with integrated spinning washers, if there’s such a thing.

Where can I get them online?
Otherwise I’ll ask LBS next time I pass by.


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    Bog standard 9mm & 10mm track nuts will fit the axle, can't help with the bearings though but if you unscrew the caps on the axle at the hub you'll see the bearings and there might be some markings on them so you can source new bearings. I found the thread on the axles a bit soft and stripped two axles in my time, then I converted the rear wheel to QR.
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  • Thanks redvee.

    Re: the bearings. I found this YouTube video by Halo themselves:

    YouTube: Halo Halo TK (Track) Rear Hub Bearing or Axle Swap

    One of the comments posted by Halo mentions 6000 bearings. Quick Google indicates they are as cheap as £2.00ish.

    Good news.
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    I didn't use a bearing press or similar to refit the bearings in my hub, I just used the cones and screwed the down the axle then fitted the circlips in place.
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