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Sticky Poploc on Dart 3 forks? How to fix?

RSV_EcosseRSV_Ecosse Posts: 237
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I have an old 2010 Cube Acid H/T that I'm about to start using as a commuter bike along canal paths to my new place of work. It's been sat since last year gathering dust and I am working through putting it back into a decent state to use it. I noticed today that the Poploc will not return to the locked off position after its pressed at the handlebar. I've mucked about with the cable and tried undoing it/adjusting it to no avail. Is there a common problem which causes this and a fix anywhere?

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  • Your forks are over 8 years old. When were they last serviced?

    I think they are Rockshox Dart 3 Poploc?
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  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    Have you tried replacing the cable? Could just be 'stickiness' between the inner and outer.
    Disconnect the cable at the fork end and operate the knob on the fork by hand. If it flicks back to the open position when you let it go then that points to the cable sticking. if it doesn't return then the spool in the fork is sticking.
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  • Forks were serviced two years ago but the bike has seen very little use in the last year.

    The adjuster at the fork is still not silky smooth with the cable removed and when turning it by hand. Is this spool in the fork serviceable, easy to get at? I've fitted a new cable and a new Poploc lever at the bars.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Unscrew the cap, remove, give it a clean and drizzle on a little light oil and work it back and forth, also check the cable for smooth operation.
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