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Winter cycling shoes

aputschoeglaputschoegl Posts: 4
edited February 2019 in Commuting general
Any recommendations for serious winter cycling shoes. I am often in sub zero Fahrenheit temps and am looking for the warmest shoes that would fit clipless pedals and of course be waterproof. Has anyone had a positive experience with a specific shoe that they would recommend? Thanks!


  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 4,488
    The Northwave Arctics are pretty warm. Just make sure you size up sufficiently to allow plenty of room for thick socks or multiple pairs of socks and still allow some wriggle room for your toes.
  • Are you after a racey winter shoe you'll be taking off at work or are you looking for something to wear all day?

    The latter option suited my situation so bought a pair of Northwave Canion GTX boots which are brilliant at keeping my feet warm and dry and very comfortable for wearing all day.

    The Canions these are no longer made and the closest alternative is the Northwave Himalaya which would be my choice for an excellent all day winter commuter boot.
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