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GX to Xtr

westonparkwestonpark Posts: 57
edited February 2019 in MTB workshop & tech

I’m going to swap out my GX rear mech and shifter for XTR M9000. I’ve got a 32t chain ring and SRAM 10-42 cassette, will the xtr rear mech work on that set up or do I need to change the cassette?

Different websites are saying different things.




  • mattyfezmattyfez Posts: 638
    Should work fine if you change the mech and shifter as long as it's the same number of gears.

    Expensive swap though for what's more of a side grade rather than a big upgrade...
  • Rear Mech and shifter will be changed and both are 11 speed.

    Typo in my message, in that I’m swapping it out. To be honest I’m struggling to install it correctly. So I must be installing it wrong.

    Got the rear mech and shifter for next to nothing.
  • I've gone the other way and kept my GX shifter and rear mech and put in an XT cassette and chain. Works perfectly well.

    General rule of thumb as explained to me was same brand and speed shifter/mech and same cassette/chain.

    What problems are you having? The SRAM cassette needs an XD driver and the Shimano will need a Shimano one.
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  • It’s gear set up which is the issue. Struggling to get the gear to go onto the lowest gear.

    I’m not sure if the GS version can deal with the 42t cog on the cassette.
  • Below is from the shimano website,

    I’m running 1x11 which is say a maximum low cog of 46, I’m at 42 so that’s ok. Min is 40.

    What is maximum front difference and max capacity?

    Do I have a top sprocket issue if I’m at 10t?

    Wiggle and Evans website say max low cog is 40. or what?!?!


    MODEL NO RD-M9000-GS
    Color Series color, -
    Average weight 221 g
    Remarks *w/o bracket spec available
    B-Axle_Hollow axle X
    Compatible chain HG-X 11-speed
    Direct attachment (Conventional) X
    Direct mount compatible X*
    Fluoric coated link bushings 4
    Low sprocket_Max. 42T(2x11-speed) 46T(1x11-speed)
    Low sprocket_Min. 40T
    Max. front difference 10T
    Pulley_G pulley bearing Sealed Bearing
    Pulley_Sunken type pulley bolt X
    Pulley_Teeth 11T
    Pulley_T pulley bearing Sealed Bearing
    Pulley cage GS
    Rear speeds 11
    Top-Normal spring type_SHADOW RD+ X
    Top-Normal Spring Type SHADOW RD+
    Top sprocket_Max. 11T
    Top sprocket_Min. 11T
    Total capacity 37T
  • I can now confirm that the set up does work!! It needed a new chain since the xtr cage is longer than the sram but it's a really impressive set up!!
  • swod1swod1 Posts: 1,639
    Westonpark wrote:
    I can now confirm that the set up does work!! It needed a new chain since the xtr cage is longer than the sram but it's a really impressive set up!!

    Xtr is lovely once its setup, nice and crisp shifting.

    I've got it in 10spd on my hardtail bike with a cheaper hg500 11-42t cassette and kmc chain works great.

    I'm not sure what all the fuss is about with sram gears.
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