Sore under-carriage on wattbike

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Hi all
Strange query/issue I need help with. I can ride my bike anytime with no pain during or after the ride. However on my wattbike (and previously the Wattbike’s in my gym) I get some pain after the ride in my two veg. I thought it was down to the saddle so I have fitted the same saddle as my road bike and whilst it is made it better it’s not irradiated the ache.

The bike was set up to the same measurements (in the gym I’ve tried various measurements) but I have since lowered the saddle by a cm as it didn’t feel quite right on the wattbike.

Obviously I want to ride indoors as much as possible so if anybody has had similar your help would be appreciated


  • imposter2.0
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    Riding a static bike is never going to be the same as riding outdoors. Saddle might be the same, but if you are seated 100% of the time (as you typically are on a static/trainer) then it is likely to cause problems if you spend any significant time on it..
  • I think it might be the flex.. or lack of. I rarely stand outside but I’m talking here about after an hour or so. I was wondering if it may also be down to level of consistent effort and cadence rather than some lower cadence and free wheeling outside too
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    Try some chamois cream. Indoor cycling is sweatier abf you're in the saddle more. Do that and make sure to ride out of the saddle more often.
  • I had to adjust mine about 3 times to get the saddle completely horizontal and found this made a difference to comfort.
    Like cougie I always use chamois cream. I like the Assos stuff but interchange this with a Muc Off one too. Similarly, I try to vary the bibshorts I use on the Wattbike too and again this helps. I’ve made myself chuck a couple of pairs of bibshorts too due to wear. I’m still using the original Wattbike saddle and with these measures find comfort good. Nothing revolutionary here but hope helps.
  • Thanks guys.. I took your advice, threw out the old ‘not for cycling in public’ shorts and bought some chamois creme. Using my proper shorts with creme and in a slightly tweeked position has totally eradicated the pain on <1hr rides... not tried longer yet.
  • Good to hear Steve and hope you are now enjoying riding the Wattbike again! Best wishes.