campagnolo 10 and 11 speed compatibility

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I thought i'd done my homework but apparently not. I run a 10 speed Campagnolo Chorus groupset and have recently replaced the wheels, which run an 11 speed Super Record cassette.

I have been advised this set up isn't compatible so would the simplest option be either to replace the super record 11 speed with a Chorus 10 speed cassette? Or can i get away with the 11 speed cassette running 10 speed shifters if i swap out for an 11 speed chain?



  • i.bhamra
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    You need a 10 speed cassette (doesn't need to be Chorus!).
  • or an eleven speed rear shifter....
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    jeffbwood wrote:
    or an eleven speed rear shifter....

    Does that have the same cable pull as the 10sp shifter?? If it does it'd also need an 11sp chain to run on the 11sp cassette I think.
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    Just buy a 10 speed Campag Miche cassette. ... pagnolo-1/
  • I've never tried using old 10 speed mechs with pre-2014 11 speed shifters but I suspect they would probably work perfectly well. Perhaps not with post-2014 shifters though so if you go down this route then just be aware. You would need an 11 speed chain and you would have different shaped levers/hoods.

    As other posters have said you could just get a 10 speed cassette; campag or miche. You may need a wider spacer on the freehub body as well depending on what came with the wheels.

    I just wanted to let you know there are other options.
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    Those ratios that wiggle sell are cheaper of my site. Your Google skills need working on. -wheel building and other stuff.