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Mio Cyclo 505 not syncing my rides to Mio Share

bartman100bartman100 Posts: 544
edited February 2019 in Road general
Any Mio Cyclo users? I have a new 505.

I have connected my device to my wifi and I have the Cyclo Agent.

I have an account with MioShare.

I have one ride in my History

When I do a 'Wifi Sync' it connects to my WiFi but then displays "No new recordings or saved tracks are available for sync"

When I connect via USB and fire up CycloAgent (fully up to date), my device is recognised but displays "The connected device is not linked to the current account, but you can still use the update function".

Google yields no useful help for these errors. I use the same login credentials for CycloAgent and MioShare.

Anyone have similar issues?
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