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Rear derailleur Atlus vs Tourney

Mobi88Mobi88 Posts: 5
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Hay there,

Me and my girlfriend are currently on tour through south east Asia on a couple of old Saracen mountain bike we’ve converted into touring bikes.

Unfortunately I think the rear derailleur cage is bent on my girlfriends one and I’m looking to replace it.

It is a 7 speed cassette with a triple chain ring at the front. Which would be better for the job? Atlus or Tourney? And what actually is the difference?

Thanks so much for any help as we’re far from home and don’t speak much Thai!!



  • Hi there, both are considered 'entry level'. The Tourney is the basic model and the Altus the next one up, no idea as to the differences, probably not a lot.
  • Thanks mate, that does actually help.
  • Been running a tourney for a few years now daily commuting and some family tow path days out etc, was going to upgrade when it fails, still waiting, it occasionally gets a clean and a bit of lube.
  • There are a few models in the Tourney range some of which are truly awful and not sure made by Shimano for the very cheapest models. I think the only Tourney derailleur that is considered reasonably decent is the TX-800 and there is a model just below it which is TX-300 or similar code that is ok. Anything below that is pretty awful in my opinion. Altus represents a few models and generally all are regarded good for entry level. In my opinion you can almost see the quality of a derailleur just by looking at it, how it has been built, how strong the main spring is how the jockey wheels rotate etc. Use your instincts to judge it. A lot of fake Shimano derailleurs on aliexpress so maybe you get fake derailleurs in Thailand. I've got a fake Shimano Alivio derailleur I bought cheap, in real terms possibly between Tourney and Altus in quality.
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