Best 35mm+ tubeless tyres for tarmac/towpath

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Hi all,
I'm looking for some good fast tyres for the the new adventure bike. Main use is commute all tarmac/road/pavement (shared use).
Hunts wheels 700c looking for tubeless setup no tread just slick but good grip and fast
Any recommendations? Looking at GOnes or GP5000 size wise looking around 35mm-40mm? Light off road too.

I'm also looking for a 650b tyre too to be used for bad conditions when commuting and also for when know going more off road so perhaps more tread but still quick on tarmac too something like WTB Nano perhaps a bit wider too?
Again any recommendations?
Thanks Andy


  • lincolndave
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    I’ve been using Panaracer 35 mm gravel kings probably a bit of an over kill for wantyou want though
    But they are good on tarmac, I run them tubless as well, good puncture protection as well
  • andyh01
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    Yeah there the standard tyres supplied but was looking to upgrade to more slicks and faster for tarmac with the 650bs providing off road/bad weather option
  • janwal
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    Give these a look. You won’t find a bad review on them. I have had 30s on Domane disc and regularly ride tracks and towpaths this time of year. Rear has lots of nicks but has proved very robust. They roll just like a slick on tarmac,fast and lots of grip and of course in a 35 with reduced pressures you will get a nice plush ride.