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The front derailleur on my CAAD12 BlackInc is really heavy to shift. Today I couldn't actually use the shifter. I can't figure out why.

I have undone the cable from the FD and it seems smooth enough ie hand to shifter. The routing is correct under the BB and so is the connection to the FD. I have also checked the adaptor on the FD and lubricated the cable housing. Also the FD moves freely.

It seems it is the load that it causing the problem and some friction somewhere. My best guess is that it could be the cable ferrules I put on ie regular metal ferrules - that are causing the problem.

If so could someone please tell me which cable ferrule/s I need please? ie the ferrule that goes into the down tube.

I have Google but can't find an answer.

Thanks in advance.
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    Is it a Shimano FD? The cable from BB guide to the mech has to enter the cable clamp at the correct angle, and there are two choices. Check this carefully as one way will give move leverage than the other.
  • Hi -

    Thanks - I only just fixed it. It was using a metal end stop instead of a plastic one at the point where the cable goes into the tube, that was catching and causing the problem. You woildnt think.

    I’ll check your idea too, to see if it can be improved on.


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