What inner tubes do you buy?

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I can't bring myself to buy anything other than the cheapest tubes from the likes of ebay or Wiggle's Lifeline brand. Some of the inners that turn up seem to be extra thick but I don't imagine it makes them more puncture proof (as some ads claim).
This is primarily aimed at my commuter bike (700 x 23) though the same inners end up on my best bike. I run them at 100psi but I've never had a tube fail on me.

Any opinions?


  • Tyresome
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    Specialized one piece tubes. They work brilliantly and don’t have a problem with unscrewing cores:
  • Go with the cheapest normally. I tend to avoid the tubes that feature lightness in their sales blurb and just go for general tubes. I've bought a few poundland ones in 26" and 20" sizes.
  • Same: cheapest on the internet.

    I have Marathon plus so...
  • Normally, I get cheap and cheerfuls, but I splashed out on three Vittoria 24-28mm latex ones last summer for ~£18 to go with GP4000S IIs.
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    I'll buck the trend here. Before I went tubeless I used Conti Supersonics that are around £10 each. Half the weight and superior ride comfort. About the cheapest upgrade there is.
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