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Haven't used my MTB much in recent years - but have discovered a gravel/path track which takes me direct to work, which could I have a use for the mtb. If I do this regularly i will stick slicks on the MTB.

However this morning the front was flat - and the tyre looks a bit ropey anyway - any ideas for budget tyre that that could be used for off road trails and gravel ?

26 old size wheels...


  • Budget tyres can be a really false economy at times.

    Personally, I wouldn't want slicks unless I'm on tarmac or serious hardpack. When riding on any loose surface (i.e gravel), you really want something a bit grippier.

    I love my Panaracer Fire XC Pro's in 26 x 2.1. I do have the folding/tubeless version but you can get wired a bit cheaper. They are grippy, hard wearing, roll really well and you can pump them up to 60psi if you get the urge and they they roll really quickly (45 psi is fine BTW). I've run them on my hardtails for 20+ years and really rate them. ... -prod54053

    I'm sure others might suggest semi-slicks or other preferences. We all have our favourites!

    You should be able to get some good prices on 26" tyres as they are apparently obsolete now :lol:
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  • I commuted for years on the gravelly tracks in Bushy Park, on the old MTB I found Racing Ralph/Nobby Nic worked well, in the budget forms, I found the Nobby Nic in that form no slower than the Ralph, but provided better traction/fairy resistance. As others your mileage varies.
  • Planet X do some good discounted tyres although there is £3.99 postage to pay. ... =price-asc

    Schwalbe Bigbens look good value at a fiver each. Always worth checking around the site for other offers because it's a site where prices vary all the time but there are always great offers.

    Better to go for decent discounted tyres than tyres that are often designed to sell at a low price. Stock surpluses or whatever you call them. Saying that some of the basic tyres are actually good quality just heavy. I've had low end generic tyres last longer than top brands because the top brand tyre was designed to be lightweight and so had thin sidewalls which perished before the actual tread but if you go for a decent brand designed for regular commuting not performance then they would normally be better.
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