Old supersix - New CAAD12

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I currently ride a 5 year old standard supersix 105.

I have the itch for a new bike and I love the look of the new purple CAAD12 105, I am wondering if there would be that much of a difference between the two? I know the geometry is the same and it suits me so that's all cool. Ally will be a slightly harsher ride than the carbon but I am hoping the fact it can take 28's and the addition of a carbon seat post would negate that.

I was considering going for the new model supersix but I just have a desire for a non carbon frame this time around. CAAD always seems to come near the top of recommendations for aluminium.

Does anyone have or has ridden both frames and have an opinion?


  • Had both, Supersix slightly comfier that's about it, know what you mean about the purple though, very nice.
  • Owned a 2014 supersix 105, now ride a CAAD12 disc D/A in the same purple colourway you're looking at. Do it! Even on 25s there's near as no difference in comfort, and the geometry is identical as far as I can tell.

    One question though - why move from a very similar bike to another? If I'd still owned my 'six when I was thinking of the CAAD I probably wouldn't have been able to justify it.
  • singleton
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    I've had both - currently have a CAAD 12 and I don't necessarily find it less comfortable, just feels more alive when I ride it.