Kinesis 4T Crosslight Cyclocross -- OPINIONS ?

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What are your opinions on the kinesis 4t crosslight cyclocross frame?

I have never done cyclocross per say although I've done a fair bit of mountainbiking and road cycling, never competed just for the fun of it with music or for commuting.

I met someone on the train who was into cyclocross and got me looking into it and looks interesting.

I have chance to grab a kinesis 4t crosslight for 100 pounds , a bit damaged but looks fine

if not good what do you recommend ??

and any tips to get into cyclocross?


  • imposter2.0
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    The Crosslight is a good frame - see plenty at CX events. Wrong end of the season to get into CX now unfortunately, as most leagues are coming to an end by late Jan...
  • keef66
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    Kinesis make very good cross frames, but isn't the 4T a bit long in the tooth and canti brake only?

    (Think if I wanted to get into cyclocross I'd want a frame that takes disc brakes)

    But if you want to dabble and don't mind cantilever brakes, and the frame's the right size for you, see if you can haggle the price down to £50...
  • imposter2.0
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    If you don't win the race - it won't be because you didn't have discs....
  • trek_dan
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    Most older canti cyclocross frames are awesome. Back in the good old days when they were designed for actual Cyclocross not commuting/winter riding/ 'gravel'/spending most of their life on road.