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Women's normal clothes - calf fit on jeans

Sarah GSarah G Posts: 2
edited March 2019 in Women's cycling forum
Hi - I've seen some of the previous posts about trying to find jeans that fit, and most of them centred around upper leg issues. My issue is my disproportionately large calves. I'm not super-muscular in the thigh like lots of cyclists, but my calves are causing me problems when it comes to skinny jeans. Can anyone recommend a brand that doesn't cling to the point of discomfort around the calves?


  • cld531ccld531c Posts: 517
    Dont have that problem - but have you tried jeggings? Lots more stretch than ordinary jeans.
  • rodiganrodigan Posts: 5
    River Island Molly are my go-to! Although I have found that I still need to try every pair on before I buy because the fit is so variable - I just pick up a few in my size and take the best ones.
  • webboowebboo Posts: 3,126
    It might be worth looking at some rock climbing jeans. There designed to look fashionable but have freedom of movement, have a look at Moon, Prana, Black Diamond or Rab.
  • secretsqirrelsecretsqirrel Posts: 1,225
    I have tried different types of jeans for cycling including Rapha. In my opinion the best are M&S Autograph skinny high-waist jeans, at £45 are good value. They are quite stretchy, soft and because they have a relatively low cotton content something around 50% (like Rapha jeans) they don't get too saturated and cold when wet.
    I've been wearing mine on my commute for the past few months and they are wearing well.

    Worth noting that being Marks&Sparks they have all the sizes in a choice of 3 leg lengths!
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