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SMP Composit experience: anybody?

Alfa_mAlfa_m Posts: 3
edited January 2019 in Road buying advice
I'm looking for a new saddle for my CAAD12. I had an SMP Dynamic on my MTB, which I transplanted to the road bike as a temporary solution for the standard Prologo Nago.

As I want the Dynamic back on the MTB I'm looking for a final solution for the CAAD.
The Dynamic is pretty fine but I always have the tendency to sit at the wider part at the end of the saddle. So I'm wondering if a wider saddle would be better. Which brings me to the SMP Composit. According to Steve Hogg's site the Composit's effective width is larger than that of the Dynamic so I guess that could solve the issue. Or not?
Another thing about the Composit is that it has no padding. Bloody hard, but it seems you get used to that. Are there any Composit riders who can confirm?
Third point: have carbon saddle rails a positive effect on shock absorption, or is this just marginal?

Bike shops in my neighbourhood don't have the Composit in their test ride program, so any advice/experience on the Composit is welcome!

PS: I'm not a native speaker as you have noticed.
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