My Dad's Trek 5200

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Brought back to life after many a year in a dark garage, I present my Dad's Trek 5200! I think it's 2001 or so, but not sure, my Dad can't remember exactly either.

Frame - Trek OCLV 120 Carbon
Fork - Oversized ICON Air Rail Carbon
Wheels - Mavic Ksyrium SSC
Tyres - Continental Gatorskins 23mm
Groupset - Shimano Ultegra 6500 9-speed
Colour - Smoke Carbon (some stickers need replacing...)
Stem - Zepp
Handlebars - 3T
Seatpost - ICON Graphite
Saddle - Selle San Marco Era
Pedals - Replacements required!

With plenty of help from the LBS it's back on the streets, and I even get to 'borrow' it from time to time ;)


  • arlowood
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    Nice looking bike - bars look really big by today's standards but that may just be the angle of the pic.

    Brings back some happy memories. My first attempt at building up a carbon frame involved a 2002 vintage Trek 5200 in US Postal colours. Got it from an Ebay auction and had to do a fair bit of renovation. Final result is described in the link below


    Enjoyed a fair few miles on it before it was sold on to fund a disc brake build
  • joe2008
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    Lovely, so much nicer looking than more recent Treks.

    I've got a 5500, which I believe was the same frame with different stock components. Seeing this has made me think about getting the frame out of the loft and building it up again.

    At the time I remember that I really wanted a 5900 but couldn't justify/afford the extra expense.
  • keef66
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    That is a thing of great beauty. I have a soft spot for horizontal top tubes. As you say it just needs some road pedals.
    If it were mine I'd probably fit some short reach / shallow drop bars; although they were common at the time, the drop on those looks formidable!
  • timothyw
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    Nice, my first proper road bike was a trek 5000, it served me very well, although came with similar handlebars which I never quite got on with - if you set them flat at the hoods then the angle at the drops is too steep....

    Still, one to treasure!
  • Yes as many of you have said the bars/reach is quite something... I’m similar height to my dad but compared to my own bike it’s a real stretch to even get on the hoods. Funnily enough I don’t mind the drop so much. Does feel v twitchy set up like that though... Love the wheels as well, they seem to roll forever even after all these years!

    Probably next step as well as pedals is a more suitable stem/bar :)

    @joe2008 I think that’s exactly right, I’ve seen an old catalogue, just better Rolf wheels and Dura-ace but otherwise the same bike.
  • clu
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    Good to see it reborn. I've owned 2 of those treks with the same frame. The first of which I still have, a 5500 (year 2004 vintage which I bought from new). It is now solely used quite frequently on the turbo trainer. The second was a 5200 (year 2004 again which I also bought from new), which was unexpectedly retired when the frame snapped into two pieces during a road traffic accident with a car. :cry:
    Even though my 5500 is now solely used for turbo training duties (as I have other bikes), I don't think I could ever part with it as I still have a soft spot for it. Hope you enjoy riding the bike.
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