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Is Suspension worth it?

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Should I try to fix the rusted front suspension on an old MTB?

I was gifted an old MTB and got it in shape to commute a 22 mile round trip Mon -Fri. I've been doing it since Christmas with the usual trials and tribulations. The suspension is badly rusted so it's pretty much a bone shaker on the less smooth sections of my commute (including cobbles).

I've never ridden a bike with suspension so have no reference point, what's it like? Would it be worth the effort to fix, or at least try to?



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Nope, if it's rusted it started as pretty rubbish steel, and not worth the bother.

    Either get new suspension forks (decent ones) or just get some rigid forks, which will be lighter.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    cooldad wrote:
    just get some rigid forks, which will be lighter.
    They'll also be more forgiving in having a bit of 'flex' designed in.
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  • GUMKGUMK Posts: 7
    Thanks for the replies.

    Not fixing it is then.
  • I have a front suspension bike (70mm travel, so not quite full MTB) and a carbon front fork bike. Both ali framed.

    There is little to no difference in comfort between them on tow paths.

    The front suspension bike has a lockout facility, putting it on makes the front VERY hard and uncomfortable. Also, if the air spring pressure drops and the front starts bottoming out it is pretty bad. Worth checking if your dampers are bottoming out...little tip from motor racing - stick some cable ties on the "rod/tube", they will settle at the most compressed point.
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