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What Gravel bike to buy - Help needed

JohnWickJohnWick Posts: 2
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Need some help here on choosing my next bike (a gravel bike). Background: I decided to enter the road cycling world (had some experience with MB) and bought a Specialized Venge with 23 mm tires. Absolutely hated the bike, extremely uncomfortable riding, specially here in Brazil with terrible maintained roads. Before buying the bike, asked for absolutely no advice and bought exclusively for the good looking visual of the bike. Right now I am selling the bike and looking to buy a replacement.

I decided that I will go for a Gravel bike. Wider tires and more relaxed riding position seems to be pros for me. Now I am asking for some piece of advice: given so many options, what bike to buy?

My budget is 2,000 - 3,000 US dollars (highly inclined for the low end). My preference is for a used one, but a deal for a brand new unit will also be considerate. Canyon Grail CF 7.0 (new) is on sale for ~2,000 US dollars, but comes with 105 groupset. It is possible to find some Specialized Diverge or S-works Crux with a good wheel set for ~ 3,000 US dollars (e-bay).

What are your thoughts? Are there any other specific model/configuration that I should be looking for, given my price range? I think my only requirements are disc brakes and carbon frame.

PS: I am buying this bike in the USA.

Thanks a lot.
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