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Training Peaks - Auto Calculate

TiesetrotterTiesetrotter Posts: 432
I am getting some weird statistics coming out of training peaks at times. Whilst I would say I have maintained a very consistent power output as I have moved into the world of ageing vets, two calculated numbers from my last turbo sessions are suspicious:
    5 sec Power - 24.9W per KG ..... yeah, apparently as a 62kg hill climber I threw out nearly 1,700 watts. Although I can't remember my legs exploding. 60 min power - 7.8W per KG ..... I don't think I have come near the hour world record in the last 52 years of my life.

This is all against an FTP sitting at 3.9. I think since you could have these things measured I have never been over 4.5 and I train hard and have done for many years.

Anyone found out why this happens and how to cure it?


  • Ahhh ha. I worked it out. My rides to my place of turboing(Watt bike) is picked up on the Garmin app and auto-merges with the TCX file and somehow doubles up the power outages.

    But in the files section of Training Peaks, you de-merge and everything returns from world hour record contender to CAT4ish.
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