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This has probably been covered before numerous times I guess. I'm looking for an alternative to Conti GP4Seasons as I had another fail on me today mid-ride and luckily managed to get another tyre into work and fitted ready for the ride home.

Criteria are

    Around £30 either normal price or discounted
    Good puncture protection
    Good in the wet
    Not tubeless

Considering Durano Plus but open to suggestions and feedback on others.
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  • joe_totale-2
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    I'm a fan of the regular Durano. Although they're supposed to be a bit weaker than the Durano Plus I've had no punctures when using them and they roll a bit better.
    Also the 28mm Plus is only available in wire bead so weighs nearly half a kilo more than the regular Durano 28's which are available as folding tyres.
    I think the regular Durano's are also a few quid cheaper which is always nice.
  • I use Michelin pro 4 endurance all year round,I have had the odd puncture but nothing compared to running gp4000 which I was getting punctures a couple of times a week
  • Vinny155 wrote:
    I use Michelin pro 4 endurance all year round,I have had the odd puncture but nothing compared to running gp4000 which I was getting punctures a couple of times a week

    I'm a fan of these too. Decathlon sometimes sell pretty cheap, certainly less than £30. Decent mix of protection, grip and speed
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    I use durano plus . Folding ones in 25c, great tyre , use them on all my bikes, and have been puncture free for years. If you cannot get them why don’t you try the durano bb. Which in puncture protection terms is in between the durano plus and the normal durano .
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    I used Gatorskins and had no issues for years

    Built for comfort... Not for speed
  • Gordy23
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    I recently put on a pair of marathon plus for winter and im pretty happy with them so far.
  • bongofish
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    Gator skins by far. Lots of protection ...not had a puncture yet and they roll really well. Some people use them for racing in.
  • redvee
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    Went cheap with a pair of folding LifeLine Prime Armour Road Tyre for £30 ... 5360757208

    Still haven't taken them oput of the boix, only the important Haribo. Given the current tyre wear I'm getting it'll be towards the end of the year when I'll fit one.
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  • Thanks for sharing what you got redvee, that looks interesting.

    I got a pair of Marathon Plus 25c in Halfords last year at ridiculous price of £23... I think they were clearing stock or something.

    They are puncture proof, second to airless solid rubber tyres that you see on mo or yo or whatever bikes. Marathon+ is hassle free (once they're on the rim...) but found it a bit hard rolling. After 800+miles I got used to it, and it only seems to slow me down about 1-1.5mph on my commute (though this could be due to winter, too). Overall, it's not as detrimental to speed as people claim on these tyres.

    I think I'll try Lifeline one you got next time. It could be that I'll have to wait for like 5 years until the current M+ retires.
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    I have Marathon plus on the winter bike. Yes it's harder work but I'd rather work a bit more than my pals. Helps when you change to your summer bike. And absolutely bombproof over eight years or so. Punctures in the cold are no fun.
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    I'm using Conti Ultrasport II, not quite the puncture protection of Gatorskins but much faster/smoother rolling, no punctures at all in nearly 3000miles.
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    After more than 150,000 miles of commuting the last 20 years, I ended using Durano Plus. It is not the faster but is the most puncture proof tyre in 23 and also comes in 25 or bigger. There is also Marathon Plus in 25 or bigger, which is more puncture proof, but it is too heavy for me. For the front tyre I recently use the Durano DD, which is 150g lighter and works fine.

    I also tried Michelin Crylion and Gatorskin in the past but they are not so puncture proof as the Durano Plus. For me the most important is to avoid punctures in the cold wet winter days and Durano Plus serves well on this without been super heavy like the Marathon Plus.
  • I like the Durano... only downside is that they are very tight to fit
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    Durano Plus on the fixie, A mix on the old mtb commuter. Not had tight fit issues with Durano but I carry a Var lever on all the bikes and for me that's the lever to use. In the end it's what is the most reliable. comfort is secondary on the commute. Struggling in the dark/cold is not an option