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Aftermarket SRAM Rival Disc Pads

4xsama4xsama Posts: 26
edited January 2019 in Workshop

Anyone used these; ... zGEALw_wcB

Any good or better staying with factory items?

Replacement pads for SRAM Rival 1 pads.


  • paulbnixpaulbnix Posts: 611
    I haven’t tried those but I have just fitted some of these - they are the Kevlar ones.

    Seem to be ok but time will tell.
  • janwaljanwal Posts: 489
    I have used the Swisstop green organic for a while now on two 1x bikes. They are very good. Quiet in use and plenty of feel. Do wear fairly quick though. They are the D32’s
    mailto:[email protected] Also got set to try from these guys having seen a good report on line and a lot cheaper. Yet to use them. This is some info I got from them.
    Our ceramic pads are great really nice smooth modulation with out aggressive bite you get from other compounds.
    Sintered pads are super for long life and dirty wet condition but can make noise when wet.
    semi multi compound a great all rounder great for all conditions but can wear quickly in gritty conditions
    all brake pads need to be bedded in properly.
    if you need any more help just let us know

    Lee Hine

    customer service manager

    Contact Tel - 08007720937
    Email - [email protected]
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