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Help with cycling sizing clothing

Silker87Silker87 Posts: 3
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New to the biking world need help with sizing and suggestions. I'm 5'6 165lbs 40 inch chest and a 34-36 inch waist i have a slim build but a little flab in the stomach area that i'm working on losing hence getting into biking. I am not looking at racing just recreational not a fan of super tight slim fit jerseys. Read that Assos T.centro was a nice bib also read that they have some jerseys that have a regular fit. Same with castelli but have no idea what size to get and there are not a lot of bike shops around me that carry them. Any help would be great i'm sure there is a post on here about the sizing but hard to tell given all people are different sizes thanks in advance.


  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,810
    Most websites have fitting guides specific to the brand of kit being sold. That's a good place to start and don't be surprised by the outcome.

    In a casual shirt from Charles Tyrwitt I am a medium but I wear an XXL in Castelli!! In other brands I am a L (Torm for example) and in others XL. No rhyme nor reason.
  • yes i've looked at their sizecharts seems pretty straight forward but then i search posts about sizing and get a whole bunch of differences for the money i wanna try to get the right size the first time
  • webboowebboo Posts: 6,085
    The issues with Assos is that there stuff is small for the size. I am 5’8” 40 inch chest and 32 to 34 waist. I wear a large in their jackets an extra large in their aero road jerseys and large in their bibs. I have a pair of medium shorts whilst they fit ok, they are too short for me on the thighs. The large shorts are just tight enough on my thighs.
    So I guess it might mean trying some and sending them back if they are the wrong size.
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 2,232
    Good luck! Even DHB stuff used to be pretty good on sizing but it's all a bit random now. At least you can buy a few sizes from Wiggle and send back the stuff that doesn't fit for free.
  • Both Assos and Castelli run small and are cut for lean body types. As others have said it is always best to try on but from the measurements you have given I would expect you would need a large in both brands you mention. That would be my starting point FWIW.
  • I reckon you're going to have to buy a bunch of sizes from Wiggle and try them out. You get postage out and back so you won't lose out.

    For reference I'm 5' 7" and a bit, 63kg (about 139lb) 37" chest and about a 28/29" waist. Like a lot of folk I've got a longish torso and shorter legs. I generally wear XS bibs (like Rapha's Pro Team) and S jerseys/gilets/jackets in a race fit.

    You're an inch shorter than me and (please don't take any offence as it'll hopefully be a reducing thing as you get the rides in) your middle is quite a bit bigger than mine, so chances are you won't fit an S bib in many brands. That means you want to avoid any kind of trendy Pro look long length bib shorts - which Assos is, amongst other, guilty of. It results in flappy leg openings. So you might want to get a few different brands.

    For jerseys you should look at M sizes, but they might be a wee touch too long.
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,432
    PhotoNic69 wrote:
    At least you can buy a few sizes from Wiggle and send back the stuff that doesn't fit for free.

    Only free if you return through Asda now, tuther options are £2.95 a pop.
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  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 2,232
    Daniel B wrote:

    Only free if you return through Asda now, tuther options are £2.95 a pop.

    Geez that sucks!! When did they bring that in? I'll be buying stuff from local shops from now on if I can find any.
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