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Tacx Flow Smart T2240 thru axle issues...

courtmedcourtmed Posts: 164
I've recently got one of these trainers but I'm having trouble with the thru axle compatibility. I borrowed a Kinetic thru axle from a mate but I don't think the cups on the end are correct - they're a bit more cone shaped than the more rounded ones on the QR skewer that came with the trainer. just want to check I'm not missing something before I buy the actual Tacx thru axle which I'm assuming will have the rounded cups

I know the axle is X12, so I'm assuming either of these will work ... _74090.htm ... 2-EV220406

Anyone have any experience with either of them? Cheers! :D


  • Yes the Tacx ones are sort of squared off rather than conical and I would definitely use those so your bike is securely attached. Alternatively, have a look here and they should have something suitable. SJS cycles sell them in the UK.

    However you may find as I did that the Flow doesn’t go wide enough for a thru axle bike. I couldn’t get my Domane on it but it worked fine with my quick release Synapse.
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