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Simple Indoor FTP Training Recipe Collection

I like simple plans and needed somewhere to store them so thought I'd put them here so others could see as well. I'll add to it as I run across simple plans and feel free to add yours as well.

Flanagan FTP plan from slowtwitch...
Day 1 = 2x20 with <5 min between @ ~95% of FTP
Day 2 = 1x20 @ 100-105% of FTP, essentially an all out TT effort
Day 3 = Rest or VERY EASY (ie 30-60 minutes at 50% of FTP)...all small ring.

Repeat, over, and over, and over. FTP is your current FTP, not your desired FTP. On day #2 insert VO2 work every other cycle with something like 5x5 @ 110-112% of FTP with 3-5 minutes rest.

Comment from time trial forum...
I prefer the way Charlie Walsh describes in the BT-ATS erg manual.

If doing a block of 20min efforts, then do a 20min maximal test at the start of the block. Then...

Week 1 Intervals at 85% of 20min test power
Week 2 Intervals at 90% of 20min test power
Week 3 Intervals at 95% of 20min test power

Week 4 rest and test again.
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