Finally Yakbike may become a reality

Yakboy Posts: 55
I promised I would post on here when I finally got the demo bike finished.... Well 2 long years later I think I am there. I have posted my beginnings of building bikes for my daughters that were practical for proper trail riding.



My eldest is now 13 on on a 650b 140 travel bike and my youngest (not such a keen mountain biker!!) is on a 24" hardtail.
I decided to use the experience I had from building these bikes to see if I could set up a little sideline building realisticaly priced full suspension kids bikes but from existing frames. The easy bit was the frame which is a Carrera Detonate/Sol. This was then stripped and powder coated. The bars, seatpost and rear derailleur are kept but everything else is changed. It has taken alot of time and effort to source parts from Taiwan and europe but I think I have the mix right. It's a 60mm air fork on the front and an air shock on the back giving 40-45mm or rear travel. 24 spoke disc wheels with cable discs but one's which are light enough for a child to effectivley pull. 11-34 8 speed rear cassette and 28 tooth front with 130mm alloy cranks. Sram X4 thumbshifters (Push-Push..easier for youngsters to understand). A Madison Trail Saddle (the most sensible youth saddle out there) and Schwalbe Lil Joe 2.1 tyres.Oh and a carbon, hollow cro-mo bottom bracket.
It weighs (including pedals) 11kg.




The demo bike was done in white as it's s neutral colour but I have 2 frames ready to build up in powder blue, so am going for a gulf motorsport look.
I would welcome any comments and suggestions. I am just in the process of working out pricing and getting my daughter to help me with an Instagram/ Facebook page and we'll see how it goes. It may not come to anything but if I don't try I'll never know