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back to try BKool again

karlkraskarlkras Posts: 14
... so this time at least I was successful in getting my kickr, tickr, and cadence sensors all synced up on my windows 10 box with bluetooth. i don't think I was so lucky my last time around with this.

Anyway, question. Took a few test spins on this and am perplexed on some of the ride feedback I'm seeing.
Started a relatively easy ride. Started on a moderate incline of ~5%
RPM was around 85-90, had erg mode on (said it was set to 70 and HRM was hitting 140bpm.
Now at this rate (and I was spinning relatively easily) I would have expected a speed somewhere ~12mph, but the response was measuring my wattage in the low 70s and speed at ~2-5 mph, hell, I think I'd have a tough time staying upright on the bike at those speeds.

I did this for ~10 minutes while I slowly (but with an amazingly high cadence) crawling up this hill.
I've run all my wahoo tests on the kickr so it's been calibrated properly. Why would cause the simulator to perform in this manner?


  • rdtrdt Posts: 869
    Is there a weight setting in the BKool app that somehow has maybe got set to something daft like 200kg?

    Long-odds, I realise!
  • You would need to be putting out ~3.5W/Kg to climb a 6% incline at ~12mph.

    As above, check the Bkool app settings for things like your weight, your estimated FTP and a gradient feel.

    A lot of app default to ~50% gradient feel, so that users of more basic "2-way interactive" turbo trainers get to feel a more broad feel in slope resistance and so use a bigger gear range up a climb (plus be able to choose their easier gears to significantly reduce the minimum amount of power they require to keep moving).
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  • FatTedFatTed Posts: 1,205
    I think Big Ring VR is better than BKool
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