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Hi everyone.

Hoping someone can help with the following:

In getting my bike back up and going I need to get new grips. I bought some 13cm long grips as it appears that this is the only size available. When I got home I measured the bar from the end to where the brake lever is and one side is 12cm and the other is 11.5cm. :?

I am wondering:
1) Is this normal to be different?
2) Can you buy mixed size grips?
3) Is there any forseeable issue moving the brake / gear levers to accommodate the grips?

Thanks in advance. :D


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    The whole setup of grips and levers can be changed to accommodate what’s comfortable for you and what feels right. People like different distances and angles on levers. No problem with you moving things about to make it suit you. I wouldn’t necessarily move things just to accommodate the grips you bought if it doesn’t feel right. If it doesn’t make a big difference for you then do it!

    Depending on where and who built the bike they may just not have given the attention to detail on measuring the distance on where the levers clamp. I would imagine it’s quite a common thing.
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    Move the levers.
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    No idea of the length of my grips, I put them on, determine the comfy position for my hands and then set the lever position appropriately, which usually leaves a 2-3cm gap from the inside of the grips to the lever clamp anyway!
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    Strange one is shorter than the other manufacturing fault maybe?

    My Ergon ge1 grips add a little on to the bars with the rubber end caps built in.
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    I assume he's sorted his problem out, but he didn't sy the grips were different lengths, but that the brake levers are in random places.
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