Giant Propel Brakes - Speedcontrol Sl - Ti

mason5697 Posts: 63
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Having some problems with the brakes off of my 2016 Propel Advanced pro 2. Has Speed control Sl - Ti.

Rear brakes were sticking, so took them off and pulled them apart to degunk and clean up. Managed to destroy the plastic washer in the process that sits between the calliper arm and bushings. Giant will only sell new Brakes at a cost of 90 odd quid though. Has anyone successfully serviced these brakes?

I sourced some 0.5mm thick Nylon washers the same size as the old ones, but the washer seems to distort a little when the brakes are put back on the frame at correct torque. Anyone replaced the washers on these brakes or know where to get them?

Finally, if needing to replace, I've seen Fouriers brakes on eBay. Are these genuine brakes coming from eBay? And is there much difference between the forged aluminium brakes at £110ish and the cnc milled at £240.

Thanks in advance