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Touring on a Pendleton Initial Womens Ladies Road bike?

RevolutionsRevolutions Posts: 10
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I've currently got a racer, but too small and insubstantial for bike touring. I've never owned a tourer before. I'm looking at at Pendleton Initial Womens Ladies road bike on Gumtree and wondering if it'll cope with the long distances.

The ad says "It is also well suited to cross-country tours between both rural and city settings thanks to the addition of a luggage rack and an upgrade in tyres to withstand the extra weight and terrain of country roads".

I'm going to look at it on Friday. Does anyone have one, and what do they think?


  • MoonbikerMoonbiker Posts: 1,706
    That gumtree pendleton bike is a budget road bike thats being set up for touring so, maybe your current bike would be just as suitable for touring?

    Touring bikes aren't much different from road bikes usually they have pannier bolts & mudguard bolts. & can take 28mm or bigger tyres(they often have long drop rim brakes) or modern ones have disc brakes.

    Pendleton doesn't have pannier bolts on frame so the pannier must be a type that can fit any road bike frame.

    They are also often fitted with stronger traditional 36h spoke count wheels unlike alot of race bikes and more robust tyres.

    Not many bike are sold as touring bikes now as they are usually called/marketed by more trendy terms such as, gravel bikes, or all road bikes, adventure bikes, which are kind of the new versions of touring bikes.

    Or a cx bike could do as a touring bike.

    But im sure the pendleton would be fine for touring if you don't want to use your current bike.
  • Thanks. My current road bike has no space on the frame for panniers, or any kind of storage, tbh. It's really small.

    The seller decided not to part with it in the end, which is probably best as I was slowly going off the idea. I didn't realise that tourers were marketed as 'gravel bikes' or 'all road bikes'. Makes sense, as searching for 'touring bikes' rarely comes up with anything, especially in a small frame size.

    Perhaps I'll just gt a hybrid and change some parts over, they seem more widely available.

    Thanks for the help
  • MoonbikerMoonbiker Posts: 1,706
    I'd go for a bike the had claris groupset minimum, & rack mounts & clearance for 28c tyres. ... 77757.html

    Something like this^

    I'd avoid hybrids bur thats my preference. I don't like the upright postion in headwinds & having no drops, also they are often worse specced compared to a road bike of the same price.
  • Nice! Good spot, that looks like a cracking bike. I'll follow it up, thanks
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