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Touring Greece as a beginner?

RevolutionsRevolutions Posts: 10
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Hi all,

I've been on a couple of short (1-2 night) rides around the UK, but I've never bike toured abroad before. I'm going with my partner who's really experienced in this department, but neither of us have been to Greece before. I've got romantic visions of empty beaches, great food and scenic ruins. Am I setting myself up for stag dos, crowds and selfie sticks?

Has anyone toured Greece before, and what were your experiences? I'm loosely thinking of flying into Athens and then heading around the islands, but that's definitely not fixed. I commute by bike every day. I'm pretty fit and love cycling, so I'm not too worried about hills or distance. I would love to get away somewhere quiet, and I imagine we'll be camping most nights. Roughing it is fine.

I'm thinking 3 weeks or so?



  • Mad_MalxMad_Malx Posts: 4,960
    Even in coastal regions the over-developed tourist areas and stag parties are fairly concentrated in the infamous resorts. The interior has some spectacular scenery and quiet roads away from the main arteries. You can probably pick up very cheap rooms in villages too.

    I've not done any proper cycling there, but the Peloponnese peninsula south of Athens is good I think. I also like the area up toward Albania, where most of the tourists are Greek or Croatian.

    Edward Enfield (Harry's dad) did a fairly entertaining book about a cycling in Greece - I can't remember if it was worth buying but I picked it up from a SH bookshop.
  • borisfaceborisface Posts: 273
    Been touring in Greece a few times - Peloponnese, Thessaloniki in the north, and Crete. All really good. Its a great and underrated country for cycle touring. You'll have fun. The scenary is spectacular. Athens is a bit of a nightmare as is any city. An option is to get the train to Corinth and then head into the Peloponnese or head the other way out of the airport across to Evvia, a little known but large island. In my experience, once away from the coastal strip the roads are quiet, the people friendly and hospitable but it is very mountainous. Evvia and the peloponnese can be pretty remote, the east coast of the P is better than the west. Not really many Brits head to mainland Greece compared to Corfu, Rhodes etc But even on Crete away from the coastal areas it was very quiet.

    I've not done any island hopping by bike as to my mind if I go cycle touring I want to cycle rather than sit on ferries. On the P, Nafplio, Monemvasia and Githio are nice. The food around Thessaloniki was really good the best I've had in Greece.
  • Thanks! I keep hearing about the Peloponnese. The terrain sounds pretty intimidating but it sounds like it's worth it. Maybe I'll stear clear of the islands and just settle for a bit of coast line.
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