What BB is this and how to get a power meter on there?

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My girlfriend just got her self a Merida Ride 90. Ive looked everywhere to find out what BB this is and if its possible to switch the crankset out with a 105/Ultegra one to then fit a Stages or 4iii power meter.



  • Looks like an Octolink from the pics, if you google Octolink to hollowtech conversion YouTube will give you some ideas.
  • photonic69
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    I'd say it's a square taper cartridge BB. Very common. Usually English thread so most threaded BBs will fit

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

  • Aha, thanks! Looks easy - only need the right tools I guess. Or go with pedal based power meter :)
  • Vino'sGhost
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    Aha, thanks! Looks easy - only need the right tools I guess. Or go with pedal based power meter :)

    Would save a ton of money going with pedal based power that’s for sure. If you’re near Newbury I can lend you the tools
  • I can’t help thinking the price of a hollowtech conversion and stages power meter are more costly than the bike? To each thier own though, as above until you have a proper look it may well be square taper, either way principle is the same.
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    Given a stages would require a new crankset, what makes more sense is probably to buy the Power2Max NG eco, which is a better powermeter than the stages and comes with the crankset for 490 Euros:

    https://www.power2max.com/en/product/ng ... crank-set/

    You can use it with standard shimano threaded road hollowtech 2 bottom brackets, or you can buy the FSA ones (my experience is that Shimano work fine and are cheaper).

    You can reuse the existing chainrings (i suspect they are the 110 bcd 5 bolt option - even if they aren't this is probably the best option to choose for the power2max, most versatile).

    But yeah, the power meter will probably cost a similar amount to what the bike did - still, has the potential to make you much faster than a new bike if used properly.
  • Think we’ll go for a pair of Favero pedals wich is on sale for 380 Euro. Review on road.cc looks good to.