Swapping Chainset.

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I have a bike with a Shimno RS500 chainset and would like to replace it with a Shimano 105 chainset. Is this just a removal and replace job or do I have to get a different BB as well? its a 50/34 combo.



  • cq20
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    I made the same change (because I wanted to change cranks length rather than being dissatisfied with the 500 chainset). It was a straight forward swap out using the existing BB. There are plenty of YouTube videos on it but it is very easy, assuming you have the necessary tools especially the (cheap) Shimano NDS crank tensioning thing.
  • lesfirth
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    As above. Straight swop .Could not be easier.
  • skooter
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    Cheers boys I will hunt for a 105 Chainset now.
  • lesfirth
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    The 500 series chainset might be a bit heavier but I think it looks better than a 105 5700/5800. I would not bother but it ain't my bike. :D
  • The 510 looks pretty much the same as the 5800 but has about 100g more mass. Much cheaper though.