Novatec hub bearings

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Not at home so can’t pull them apart to check, but really need to order a replacement set to be delivered ASAP or even better if I can go collect them in Edinburgh tomorrow or Friday.

The novatec hubs in question are built in the jetfly wheelset, the front is - XA561SB and rear - XF562SB

Can’t really see much online regarding the bearings, so if anyone happens to know what they take that would be much appreciated


  • cooldad
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    Are they cup and cone or cartridge bearings?
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  • jermas
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    FRONT 2 X 689 9mmx17mmx5mm
    REAR 1 X 6802 15mmx24mmx5mm
    REAR 3 X 6902 15mmx28mmx7mm

    All bearings will need 2 rubber seals which will be indicated on the bearing code by 2RS (or sometimes LLB or LLU) eg 6902 2RS. 2 of the 6902 bearings will be inside the freehub.
  • Excellent info, much appreciated Jermas!

    Hopefully I can pick some up tomorrow, but I'll order extra online in case i can't source any in person
  • Vino'sGhost
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    every bike shop should have those. Even i have some of each.