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Dh to enduro

bighitjasbighitjas Posts: 80
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Evening everyone
Looking for some advice on a few bikes I'm looking at.

Firstly a bit about me and the riding I'm looking to do.
Over the last ten years I rode just Dh on uplift days and push ups on full dh bikes.

Then 2years ago I made the decision to sell the dh bike, as my weekends and free time was limited, so i bought a kona process 134dl with the intention of doing some riding- just to be on a bike if I got time. However, i don't ride much and don't really enjoy it the same.

Looking forward I will have my weekends back next year so I want to try something different Enduro riding/racing, and some uplift days plus a trip back to morzine.

So i have it down to a few bikes (not all available at the moment) and a budget of 2-3k

Yt capra
Canyon torque
Whyte G170s

Anybody got these or something similar?
I'm in no rush when riding up hill but enjoy the down especially :D

Thank you in advance Jason


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,719
    Can you post links to the bikes?
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  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,139
    I had a YT Capra until recently, bought the carbon framed version, 2x10 and converted it to 1x12. Awesome bike, absolutely awesome. It was the earlier version than the ones they are selling now, which are supposed to be even better!

    I have a Whyte T130 and I feel the same about it. One of my occasional riding buddies has the G170s and he loves it. I have never ridden one, but If I wanted a bike with that sort of travel, it would be on my short list for testing for sure! The Whytes come with a lifetime warranty on the pivots, which is not to be sniffed at!

    I believe that the Capra and the G170 both got 5 stars in some magazine review at one time or another. Not sure about the Torque.

    I know nothing about the Canyon Torque other than what I can read on the 'net.
  • JBA wrote:
    Can you post links to the bikes?

    Just uploaded the links 8)
  • Don't think you'll go wrong with any of those bikes.Mail order bikes seem to be the way fwd.Much better spec than the whyte
  • kirby700kirby700 Posts: 458
    I've got a 2017 capra and apart from the rear shock deciding to go crunchy, it's been faultless. I've done some serious miles on it too so can't complain.
    I think though I wish I had waited and got a bird aeris, they didn't have stock of forks etc when I bought my capra so I picked thd capra instead.
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