3 questions: SRAM and DA

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Hi all,

I have recently bought a 2nd hand Scott which has etap (apart from DA brake calipers). Three things I'd like to do as efficiently as possible (n00b questions alert):

(1) Run a larger cassette than the 28T. First thought is to just buy the 30T DA cassette and see if it works (internet says it is likely to be OK without WiFLi).
(2) Use my existing LHS crank Shimano PM. Plan is to buy DA 9100 chainset and run it with etap (internet says it should work but there may be FD clearance issues).
(3) Switch back to SRAM brake calipers. Assume this is a straight swap back.

I'm probably missing a smarter solution - any thoughts on the above or alternatives? In each case I'd sell the unwanted parts. Another option is a complete groupset swap back to DA9100 to be certain shifting is OK but this feels like the most expensive option and would maybe add some weight.

Cheers for any help.


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    I can't fit a 30T on my bike 29T is Ok, of course your bike is not the same as mine
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    i hd a bike once, it was lovely
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    Not sure why you'd swap out the brakes?
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
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    Svetty wrote:
    Not sure why you'd swap out the brakes?

    Pull ratios are quite different for the brake lever and brake I'd imagine, that being said Im happily running Apex with 105 brakes.

    If you do go back to SRAM brakes bear in mind the Red's are single pivots (see a pain to setup) the rest of the range which are all compatible are all dual pivots

    FD should be fine you just need to take your time setting it up. Remember to use the function button on the mech rather than trying to bar shift i.

    30T may be a squeeze but I can see a 29 fitting just remember to be careful winding the B limiter as its quite soft.
  • OP - You don't mention which model of Scott you have bought. If it's the newest Foil (2016 onwards) or a Solace, there are clearance issues with LH crank arm power meters due to the position of the chain stay mounted rear brake. A test fit will soon tell.
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    There won't be a problem using that chainset with eTap; can't speak for frame clearance, of course. 30T might be OK, but eTap is IMO less tolerant of being pushed past its limits than Shimano. Don't be afraid of Red brakes - they stop well enough, and aren't that hard to get on centre.

    Frankly, though, the whole pull-ratio thing for brakes seems to me a bit of an internet myth. I've had:
    eeBrakes on Dura Ace 9000
    Campagnolo Chorus on Shimano 105 (old-school brake levers, not shifters)
    DA7800 on Tiagra R400
    Sram Red on Dura Ace TT levers

    And all of them stopped more than adequately. I suppose if you routinely run your brakes miles away from the rim, so need all of the lever travel to stop, it might be a problem, but the answer is to maintain your equipment properly, run the pads less than 2mm away, and stop caring about pull ratios. Or say f**k it, run Deltas and get infinite mechanical advantage. I love me a set of Deltas, I do. But possibly not a suitable upgrade for your bike, granted. Still, shiny.