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Anyone got one of these?

I want to get one to clear the condensation on the windows in the morning and the downstairs cloakroom that has a flat roof - condensation dripping from the ceiling! Oh and drying clothes indoors this time of year.

I've read a load of customer reviews of a variety of makes.

There seem to be two types, compressor (refrigeration) and desiccant.

Compressor potentially use less electricity but apparently don't work too well below 15^C and they are more noisy

Desiccant work at low temperatures, much more leccy, smell, can be quiet and generally rated to extract less water from the air.


If my house is only heated in the morning and evening would a compressor model be effectively useless?

For a 3 bed house is one that extracts 8 L per day not enough? Is one rated for 20 litres per day really necessary?

Anyone got one that they can say really works effectively in automatic mode?

Most seem to suffer reliability issues and are either dead-on-arrival, brake in the first week, many don't make it to the end of the guarantee and almost none work after the guarantee. Id anyone has one can they call it reliable?


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    We have a deLonghi compressor type, can't remember the model number but it is about 5 years old and works a treat. It has a reservoir capacity of approx 4 litres - you can connect it up to drain continuously to an external location but we find the reservoir is more than adequate - it switches itself off when it is full so no worries about overflowing. Ours is used mostly for drying clothes in the utility room, much cheaper than a tumble dryer and typically dries a clothes horse worth of laundry overnight. We have used it in a previous house for getting rid of condensation on the windows during winter - it worked but also left the entire household with sore throats due to the dryness - a bit too effective really, we don't need it for that anymore. Good bit of kit.
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  • I have the Aldi one and have used it for ages. Can’t see what type it is from the label (‘Easy Home’ range). Use it because Mrs BBGeek does not like condensation. As said above, also great for drying clothes. I think it is excellent, you can put it on in the kitchen when cooking pasta and the extraction is quite impressive. Pretty cheap, too. As above, you can use reservoir or drain tube to drain.
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    + 1 on deLonghi.

    I've had one for three years and it's drying the washing as I type.

    The model I bought is no longer made but this one is the replacement. ... tchen?th=1

    It's a good idea to buy a humidity / temp meter as well. Less than a tenner.. Don't drop the humidity too low = no coughs.
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    Winter the baine of my life. Condensation on windows and cold walls. That's old houses for you.
    Weve got an Ecoair multi function one with timer and laundry setting.
    Depending on the atmosphere of your house you'll most likely need to run it almost continuosly if you want condensation free windows. Beware of extended use as they can really dry out the air, which has caused my daughter to suffer.

    Invest in a Karcher window vac too.
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    Bought a compressor type from Screwfix for £99 five years ago. Nothing fancy. Works well as always having to empty the reservoir.

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