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Voodoo Bizango 2018 dropper post

GrayduffersGrayduffers Posts: 6
edited December 2018 in MTB general
I read somewhere that you can fit a dropper post with internal cableing , for the life of me i cant see how, anybody help ?


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,139
    There has to be some holes in the frame to allow the cable to get from the bottom of the dropper down the seat tube, around the bottom bracket and up the down tube and then out of the head tube. If your bike doesn't have holes, then you can't fit a "stealth" dropper. Some bikes are semi-stealth in that the cable pops out into the open at various points, typically near the BB, but they still require holes in the frame. If you drill your own holes, not only will you invalidate the frame warranty, but you may drill in the wrong place and severely weaken the frame.

    Nothing wrong with having a non-stealth dropper. Maintenance is easier for a start. And when the dropper eventually fails, replacing it is an absolute doddle. :)

    Stealth works fine for Reverbs, because it is oil in the cable (hose, whatever). But if your dropper has a inner and outer cable (just like a gear cable), then frequently, the contorted bends that are required can make installation tricky and operation hard (more friction between inner and outer). I'm not saying that cable operated droppers can't be stealth, just that it is not as easy as for a hydraulic one.
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