Wahoo RPM and Zwift

drexel1975 Posts: 70
I am trying to use a Wahoo RPM cadence sensor on Zwift but am experiencing some problems. I use Zwift on an Android tablet which connects to the RPM but shows strange cadence readings. It flits between the actual reading and a reading of 1 every second or so. I tried using Zwift on my Android phone and got the same problem. I also connected to the Wahoo Utility app which showed the right readings so I know there is no problem with the RPM itself.


  • chris_bass
    chris_bass Posts: 4,913
    I've had problems with wahoo sensors (tickr x) and the android beta version of zwift.

    I have found that generally in android zwift if you pair a smart trainer you have to pair everything through that (controllable, power and cadence) or the other sensors won't work correctly.

    It is still in beta at the moment so i guess issues are to be expected.
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  • That makes sense. I've had a few problems getting my Tickr to be seen but it usually works ok once connected. The Android app definitely seems a bit behind the iOs app but as it's only in beta then this will hopefully improve. Thanks for the reply.