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OK, fairly new to Di2 but I am planning to upgrade my Di2 Ultegra 68xx groupset to wireless and have the SM-BTR2 internal battery in the seatpost.

As a sense check can I ask someone to confirm I'm not missing something perhaps?

As I understand it I need (and have bought)...

- BT-DN110 battery
- WU111 wireless nubbin
- Short length of cable (150mm)

My intention is then (after reading some bits) to 1) replace the battery (they are surely the same form factor?) 2) plug in the short length of cable 3) plug the wireless nubbin in to the new short length of cable 4) plug existing cable in seat tube into wireless nubbin. I've also got the Di2 cable installation tool, whether that is essential I don't know.

Does that sound right someone please? I get the impression I should update firmware before anything, but is there any merit in doing one thing at a time? For example, swapping battery then checking for firmware, then installing wireless nubbin? Or should I just do it all at the same time?

I'm just a bit wary being new to Di2 and have read how some people have frozen their set up doing this sort of thing. Thanks in advance.


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    From a physical perspective that's correct, assuming you can get an adequate signal from the WU111 to your head unit through the seatpost (it works for me). However, I had all sorts of comedy software fun when I did exactly what you're proposing to my mixed 9070/9150 setup. I started a firmware update from the PC interface; this appeared to work, but the whole setup froze and wouldn't talk to me through the PC interface at all, or change gear. In the end I connected to it (the battery) over bluetooth from my phone, with everything *except* the WU111 connected. Then I updated all the firmware, reconnected the WU11 and updated the firmware again (still using my phone) and everything settled down.
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    Interesting thanks, all good info. So you can connect to the new battery via wireless/BT even without WU111 installed? If so I’ve misunderstood what each thing is capable of then!
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    Came to do this earlier (or at least properly look at it) and realised I’d need a pair of circlip pliers to get the old battery out. I’ve ordered some off the big A coming tomorrow but don’t suppose there’s a cheat way to get the circlip out? I pathetically tried some tweezers clearly to no avail and long nose pliers surely too fat. Happy to wait but wondered if anyone had any clever “hacks” :roll:
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    use the correct tool or repent at leisure.......
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    All done. Correct tools employed :wink:

    Tough little suckers those circlips.