Bikehut/Halfords Repair Stand

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Does anyone else use one?

I bought one recently and seems sturdy in general, but there is quite a bit of play where the bike/seat post clamp is attached to the stand.

I wondered if it was a fault or standard.


  • I have the Halfords one and have found the same, if you’re doing anything which requires a bit of force then the bike will rock a little.

    Not ideal but does the job for what I need it for really.
  • Ah okay thanks, yes seems to do the job well enough, though bike not held quite as steady as other stands.
  • big_harv
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    Not possible to "shim" that in some way? Sorry, I'm not familiar with that item.

    My PCS-10 is excellent ( which I am aware was not your question), but was my treat to myself and I have served my time with rope from the ceiling joists and upside down bikes.
  • Not sure if a shim will work in this case, there is a very difficult to access screw attaching the clamp to the arm which may improve if tightened. When I have a chance I'll disassemble the clamp first and try that.

    Yes I'd been managing with a parasol base under the bottom bracket and 2 flower pots to hold the front wheel steady for years.
  • akh
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    If I understand you correctly, you mean the the actual jaws of the clamp rotate a little around the horizontal arm. Yeah, mine does the same and I can't see any way to easily correct it. There seems to be a cross head screw, but you can't access it without dismantling the clamp, which I can't be arsed with. The fit and finish is a bit crap, it wouldn't surprise me if it goes thorough an oversized hole and tightening it would do nothing anyway. On my example the movement isn't serious enough to cause any problems so I've just ignored it. I've managed to build up a couple of bikes on the stand and it's been good enough for that.

    Mine used to slip a bit on the vertical adjustment bit, but some carbon grip solved that problem :D