Will these tyres work well for mixed terrain?

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Hey all

So bought a vitus sentier VR and love it. But wanting it to be a bit faster rolling. It comes with 2.6 magic Mary on front and a 2.6 Nobby Nic on rear. I have just bought a 2.6 a rocket Ron to put on rear and will move the Nobby Nic upfront. My riding is mainly XC style with a few hours at the bike park on a weekend. Will this be ok?

Just want to speed the bike up a little bit. Especially when free wheeling as it just seems a little draggy at moment. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Nobby Nic being upfront but I’m not an aggressive rider throwing it into corners I’m in the progression catergory.

The rocket Ron I’ve bought is also 2.6.

All info will be greatly appreciated


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    What pressures do you run at?
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    You keep the Magic Mary on the front and just put the RR on the back, I run all year with a Magic Mary on the front 20psi this time of year. Putting the Nobby on the front will not make a lot of difference, except give you less grip which is what you need most this time of year.
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  • I usually run pressures about 29psi in both. I hear the Nobby Nic is a lot faster rolling than the magic Mary? Or so all the internet warriors state? I still want a setup that gives confidence but also I think having such aggressive tyres on the bike is a bit of a waste for my riding at the moment and makes XC riding draggy.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m starting to clear 8 foot table tops etc etc but I’m no pro throwing the bike into corners....just steady round the burms and pedal up to the jumps ha
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    The NN on the Sentier VR is a 'speed grip' tyre. It will be ok on the front but not as grippy as the 'soft' MM as it is made with a harder compound rubber. Should be ok for XC though.

    I ran a Rocket Ron for one summer on my FS and found it to be very sensitive to pressure. Run it too high and grip was awful.
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